Joe Biden
Congress, District 12
Nancy Pelosi
Congress, District 14
Jackie Speier
Scott Wiener
Assembly, District 17
David Chiu
Assembly, District 19
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San Francisco
Supervisor, District 1

Marjan Philhour #1

Veronica Shinzato #2

Supervisor, District 3
Danny Sauter
Supervisor, District 5
Vallie Brown
Supervisor, District 7

Myrna Melgar

Joel Engardio
(honorable mention)

Supervisor, District 9
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Supervisor, District 11
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Board of Education

Michelle Parker

College Board

Jeanette Quick

Victor Olivieri

BART Board, District 7
Lateefah Simon
BART Board, District 9
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Congress, D12

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is one of the most effective liberal legislators today. She played a pivotal role in passing the Affordable Care Act, winning the House majority back in 2018 midterm elections, and recently getting Congress to pass the CARES Act. Speaker Pelosi understands the mechanics of legislating and how to wield political power to make policy possible. She supports policies that create well paying jobs, build a stronger safety net, and grant access to affordable, quality healthcare. As a leader of diverse coalitions and master cat herder, she embodies her statement that “our diversity is our strength, our unity is our power”. She deserves re-election and we need her leadership to guide us through the pandemic, economic recovery, and the ushering in of a new progressive era.

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Congress, D14

Jackie Speier
Jackie Speier

Jackie Speier has represented CA-14 since 2008, and has been a potent force for progressive policies in Congress.

She has been at the forefront of taking on sexual discrimination, and has brought the issue of harassment in the tech industry to Congress. She will continue to advocate for gender minorities in the technology industry, and continue the fight to translate this accountability into law.

Congresswoman Speier has also advocated for public transit in the Bay Area, working with the US Department of Transportation to bring much-needed funding to Caltrain for safety and reliability improvements. From Washington, she continues to demonstrate a close focus on Bay Area issues and supporting her constituents.

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Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Voting for Joe Biden is critical in this election. The other option is unacceptable.

It’s difficult to succintly cover the areas in which Joe Biden will move us forward. But from healthcare and LGBTQ rights to climate change policy, Joe Biden is the only candidate that will address the multiple crises affecting the United States.

Given our industry, we want to emphasize the futures of our immigrant peers and friends. We’ve seen our coworkers turned friends become uncertain of their fates on visas like H1Bs, and worry about their futures in the United States. It’s heartbreaking.

As tech workers, we know that our industry would not be successful without the contributions of our peers from around the world. Vice President Joe Biden recognizes that immigration is crucial to America, and that the technology industry as we know it would never exist without the contributions of immigrants who trusted the United States with their futures. Under the current administration, the rights and aspirations of immigrants are under attack, and it is vital that we elect Joe Biden to reverse the horrifying turn the American immigration system is taking underneath the Trump Administration.

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