Vote for racial and gender equity

Everyone deserve equality of opportunity, but that’s not enough. To account for historical wrongs and ongoing implicit bias, people from disadvantaged backgrounds deserve an extra leg up.

People of color have endured over a century of explicitly racist federal and state policies that have prevented them from building family wealth. Women are still at a disadvantage compared to men in the workfore, though we have made great strides in the tech industry towards equal pay for equal work.

Government ought to ensure that all of society prospers and builds wealth, not a small subset of it.


Vote for policies which promote immigration and immigrant rights

America is a nation of immigrants. 70% of tech workers in the valley are immigrants, and 50% in the SF/Oakland/Hawyard area are source. Immigration is a fundamental tenet of America.

Nationally, we have seen a rise of anti-immigration rhetoric and locally we have seen the same. Immigrants are blamed for high housing costs, for traffic, for crime. Yet immigrants are the least dangerous, most law-abiding demographic.

We should do everything we can to make San Francisco an ideal place for immigrants. That means valuing their voice and promoting policies which help them come and stay here.


Vote for more LGBTQ+ rights

All people, regardless of sexuality or gender identity, deserve equal treatment under the law. To repair past injustices and to ameliorate ongoing injustice, we should promote laws which protect and promote the rights of LGBTQ+ people.

Everyone has the right to be themselves and love whoever they like. You should not fear retribution or alienation by your employer or your government.


Vote for policies which increase freedom of movement

All people have a fundamental right to movement. Immigrants should not be afraid to visit their families because they might not be able to return to the country.

Safety Nets

Vote to improve and expand social safety nets

No one should go bankrupt due to unexpected medical problems. No one should stay in a shitty job just to pay the bills. We need to provide a social safety net so that people can take risks without ending up sleeping on the street.

Good social safety nets promote economic growth and ensure no one ends up homeless. America, and San Francisco especially, do not have good systems in place to help people. We need to do better.